About Us

Water United (previously known as Cygnus Shanghai) is your local solution for safe & healthy water. 

Shanghai water source

While you may not be able to see it with the naked eye, plenty of unstandardized chemicals are hidden in the water. Read more about this here.  

Products & Services

Water United has selected a limited range of sustainable high quality products. 

Think about the planet!

Why support the Big Ocean Garbage Patch by buying even more water bottles while you can simply install a sustainable water purifier? 

Healthy living in Shanghai

Water United Trade Co. Ltd is a Belgian company based in Shanghai. Our company has a limited selection of products with only the highest standards. 

Our AMANO water purifier is the owner of 15 patents, is sustainably designed and carries technologies that can secure 100% safe & healthy water for drinking & cooking. 

Why you need RO?

Reversed Osmosis (RO) is the only technology (other than destillation) which can PURIFY the water 100%. A filter combination with RO can make sure bacteria, heavy metals and other harming chemicals are removed up to 99.99999%.  

Is it healthy?

An RO system does indeed purify the water and then requires a post-filter which can make sure the pH of the water is neutralized. Our advanced post filter makes sure the water produces is always at a pH level of 8, which even makes it slightly alkaline. Alkaline water is beneficial for your body as it helps to keep your personal acidity level at the right balance.

Healthy living today is as much a hot topic as it is challenging. The human body requires a good night sleep, regular exercise, a balanced diet and essentially: water. 

Protect your health and contribute to a sustainable future. 

Welcome to the world of WATER UNITED 

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