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Cygnus Shanghai is your local solution for pure water. As part of Cygnus Water, a 100% European enterprise, we offer the world's most advanced water purifiers.

Healthy Shanghai

Pollution is an ongoing problem in Shanghai, good health starts with your daily intake of - pure - water.


Sales in over 30 countries. We have established the benchmark for sustainable and compact purifiers.

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Stop ignoring the dangers of water pollution. Find out more about water purificiation and what it can do for you.


Cygnus ShanghaiHealthy living starts here.

Cygnus Shanghai is the first sales office in China for Cygnus Water Ltd, a 100% European company. Our company designs and makes the world's most advanced water purifiers and softeners. The units are sustainably designed and carry technologies that can secure safe drinking water.

Our factory, Cygnus Water, has over 50 years of experience in the water purifying sector and can guarantee outstanding quality. Our technologies have over 15 patents and make the difference through their sustainable and cutting edge technologies. Our units provide safe drinking water and are brought in a compact format, ideal for your home or business.

Our RO system makes sure the water you drink is both safe and healthy, by removing both bacteria as heavy metals. Furthermore, in order to make sure our water provides the healthy minerals, our system carries a postfilter adding what is needed.

Healthy living today is as much a hot topic as it is challenging. The human body requires a good night sleep, regular exercise, a balanced diet and essentially: water. Pollution is one of the greatest factors harming our health on the long term so the least we can do is invest in proper solutions.

Protect your health and contribute to a sustainable future. Cygnus Shanghai can help you.

Welcome to the world of safe water.

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